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Hamsters for Sale in Kuwait


If you are thinking of getting a pet and what an animal that doesn’t require a lot of attention and doesn’t occupy a large space, then start looking for golden hamsters for sale; because these things are cute, easy to handle, and make a great first pet for your child.

Hamsters Care Guide for Beginners

Well, sadly hamsters don’t come with care instructions. Even though it’s not difficult to care for them, learning the basics can be helpful. 

Set Up your Hamster’s Home Cage

So the next step to do after buying the cage is to set it up by making it comfortable and fun to explore. You can add many pet accessories to the habitat like a wheel or tunnels for exercise and chew toys. Use various types and colors of tubes to connect two or more habitats and create an endless maze. Pick bedding they can burrow in so you need to line the habitat with 1 to 2 inches of aspen, pine, or recycled paper. Sprinkle in a few shavings and voila! Your bought hamster cage Kuwait is now a cozy habitat. 

Location of the Habitat

Like any other small animal the placement of the habitat is important. Put the cage near the sounds of the family in the house, but not too close where there are loud noises like music systems and TVs; because such vibrations make hamsters stressed. Make sure you keep your pet’s habitat away from any vents or drafty windows to ensure they are in a safe temperature-controlled environment. As for home and garden, do not release your hamster into the house because it’s a high chance that they’ll get stuck in a gap somewhere. Unless your room is hamster- proof you can’t let it roam around freely. As for the garden, you can use the Ferplast Balloon. The hamster goes in through a hatch and then walks the Balloon anywhere he wants. Hamsters love it, it’s a great way for them to exercise and use all their muscles. 

A Healthy Hamster

A few days after you bring your pet home, take it to the vet, then annually. However, you should take the hamster to do checkups if had any of these symptoms: 

  • Wheezing.

  • Runny nose.

  • Irregular eating or drinking.

  • Overgrown front teeth.

  • Bald patches.

  • Sores on the feet.

  • Loose stools.

  • Blood in the urine.

Keep in mind that you also need to clean the pet’s space regularly:

  • Clean the toilet area daily.

  • Spot change bedding as needed (when soiled/wet).

  • Wipe out their food dishes weekly.

  • Change water daily.

  • Empty their entire habitat weekly or twice a week.


Pellet food is great for feeding your hamster. It stops them from picking out the most delicious morsels. Feed your hamster daily, keeping the bowl about three-quarters full. Their diet can also include vegetables, which you can serve to your hamster every other day. Kale, collard greens, zucchini, and shredded carrot. Don't overfeed hamsters because they like to hoard. As for water, offer it at the time. It should be always available. 

Hamsters on OpenSooq 

Discover a wide selection of baby hamsters and hamster for sale in Kuwait. We also offer a wide range of toys and accessories to keep your pet happy. We help you find the perfect little companion to welcome into your home.

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